Wine Related: A Burgeoning Love Affair With Pinot Noir

My first road trip to Oregon began soon after I completed producing a month-long but extremely successful play, I was exhausted,

but still looking forward to a nice relaxing trip and some wine tasting along the way.  I had no idea that Oregon was Pinot Noir country and I wasn’t overly excited at the prospect of tasting a Pinot, as I haven’t tasted what I considered a good Pinot Noir.

The first stop was one of three wine tasting appointments I’d made, Rocco Winery  in Newberg, OR – where the soil, I learned, is a “rich Bellpine – a silty clay loam over sandstone parent material, the sandstone base is the remnant of an ancient seafloor and typically inhabits the upper elevations of the southern Willamette Valley.” My first thought was, um, I just want to taste the wine! But as the tasting continued, I realized the soil has so much to do with the wine I was tasting.  I’ll be honest, I had negative expectations about tasting the first Pinot Noir. But I was shocked that I actually liked it!

It was the 2014 Stalker Pinot Noir  and I was pleasantly surprised by the peppercorn spice and the raspberry notes, now I’m sure there were more wonderful notes I could talk about, but since my palate is still quite new, those are the only two I was able to identify.  It was actually delicious!  What?!  I was enjoying a Pinot Noir for the very first time in my life.  I guess that’s to be expected when you find yourself in Pinot Noir country!

It would seem, my love affair with Pinot Noir has begun and I am so excited to see where this takes me!

Samantha Kaine Gruen

Partner (Toronto, ON Canada)

Samantha is a talented actor, producer and writer in the film and television industry, with a strong love of wines. She owns her own production company and has successfully produced for theatre, television and film. Samantha started building her wine journey by earning her WSET (Wine & Spirits Education Trust) Level 1 and is fully on her way to becoming a wine expert. When not producing, performing or living all things wine, she’s an avid reader and can devour a book in a day, she also loves bourbon, spicy & exotic foods, her husband Jeff and their boxer puppy, Garnet.  

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